Which Lock Mechanism Should You Choose For Your Home?

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There are plenty of different types of lock mechanisms found on today’s gun safes. Some offer faster unlocking times while others may offer more security from burglars like the Homak gun safe. While browsing the different gun safe reviews, one metric to keep in mind is whether or not a safe’s lock mechanism suits your needs. If you already own a gun safe, you can use some 1911 shoulder holster to help you in carrying your gun. You can check out the 1911 shoulder holster reviews by gunsafereview.

Combination Locks

The most traditional of all the lock options, a combination lock on a gun safe is just a better version of something you would see on a high school locker or gym padlock. It’s a dial that is spun to usually 3 sequential numbers. The right pattern will unlock the mechanism and bolts allowing you to open your safe. Well-made combination locks are fairly secure, but they can be cracked with enough time. They also usually require a lock smith if you need to change the combination. Combination locks are a very popular choice because they do not rely on any type of external power source.

Key Locks

Key locks are the simplest most basic way to lock your gun safe. Most gun safes will use a cylinder lock, similar to the lock of most house doors. Key locks tend to be more easily picked than combination locks, but they offer a faster unlock time. If you need to get to your firearm in a hurry this could be beneficial.

One major problem with key locks compared to combination locks is that they require an outside instrument, the key, to open the safe. While forgetting the combination of your lock is possible but not likely, people lose their keys all the time. It should also be noted that many safes using more advanced locking mechanisms will use a key lock as a back up.

Electronic Keypad Locks

More and more manufacturers are switching from mechanical locks to electronic locks. The most common electronic lock used is a keypad lock. Like a combination lock, to open a safe using a keypad lock you need to enter a sequential combination. The difference is that you are punching this into a calculator like digital keypad and not spinning a dial. Keypad locks tend to be extremely fast to open, especially when compared to combination and key locks.

One drawback of electronic locks is that they require an external power source like a battery. A problem with this power supply could render the lock inoperable. To counteract this some safes that use a keypad lock also have a standard key lock as a backup measure. While most keypad locks resemble a calculator or telephone-dialing pad, some manufacturers like GunVault use alternative keypad styles.

Biometric Locks

At the high end of gun safe locks is the biometric lock. Another form of electronic lock, biometric gun safe locks are opened by the owners fingerprints instead of a keypad number sequence. Since there isn’t any passcode, the only way to bypass its security is to completely circumvent the lock mechanism. Barska is the top rated company for the best biometric gun safes. Consumer level fingerprint technology has made great strides in recent years making these locks rather reliable. They are fast and secure. They however suffer the same drawback as electronic keypads, which is the reliance on an outside power source.…

Freewardbird Additional Home Security Tips

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  • Do not give your name on your outgoing answering machine or voicemail message and never provide any information that indicates you are not home.
  • Thoroughly shred all important documents containing personal information, including receipts, bills, statements, credit cards, and any other document which provides a date for when you will not be home.
  • Never leave doors or windows unlocked even when you are leaving the house unattended for only a short period.
  • If you have a gun, use best gun safe available in the market, you can also take them in your car, so that you can use it in emergency(here are some car gun safe reviews)
  • Have you recently made a big ticket purchase? Be sure to dispose properly of the packaging. By leaving that big box your new flat screen came in, on the street for trash pickup, you are letting the whole world know about your purchase as well.

Other home security tips:

  • Vacant homes are a much easier target than occupied ones.
  • Predictability can help a criminal guess when you will or won’t be at home.
  • Easy entry for you can be easy entry for a criminal.
  • No outdoor lighting can save you on energy bills, but it can make your home a very attractive target.
  • Valuable items in view are like a display window at a store to a would-be thief.
  • Additional tips for helping to keep your house secure from intrusion.

Enjoy Peace of Mind with Financial Simplification

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Do you cringe every time the phone rings? Do you panic every time a letter comes through your door? Do you hide every time someone knocks at your door? Are you doing this because you owe so much money and know you cant afford to pay your accounts?

Before you start panicking, hiding and cringing you need to know that there are thousands of people out there in the same situation, gosh Ive been there myself on numerous occasions. Its a sad reality of the world we live in and we got this way because we never dreamed we wouldnt be able to pay back our debts.

How Does it Start?

The entire time you are fighting debt, you wonder how on earth you got there. That sneaky credit card offer that came through the door, you applied and forgot about it. Next thing you knew a new shiny credit card arrived on your doorstep, just in time for Christmas. You used the card because you didnt have enough cash to buy all the Christmas presents and since then you have been struggling to pay them back, this is the reality of it.CreditRepairXp will give you the brief introduction of all financial issues.

Before you know it you have missed an instalment and then another and another, for each instalment missed you are charged extra interest and a late penalty fee, which means you are just digging yourself deeper in debt.

Take Control

Now chances are you have already sat down and tried to work out a financial budget so you can pay all your debts back. You may even have collectors knocking on your door or threatening letters stating you may lose your house, debt can spiral out of control and it spirals really quickly, before you know it you are so deep and your monthly income just isnt enough to cover it.

Before you start panicking and getting too stressed there are ways to protect yourself and start paying back your debt, one of these suggestions is debt consolidation. Now I dont know if you have heard of this before, but basically it is a loan that you take out that is the amount of your debt. So if you owe £5,000, your loan is £5,000.


You will need to sit down and work out your finances. Work out how much you owe and how much income you get. Work out a monthly budget excluding your accounts that you cannot afford to pay.

It is at this stage you will need to remove any luxuries if you really want to get your debt paid back soonest. Once your budget is complete you can see how much you have left over, leave enough for food and basic utilities, the balance is the amount you can afford to pay each month to debt consolidation. Be sure the amount you choose you know you can pay back each month, this is a solution to make things better for you so you need to be committed.

Debt consolidation is just one of the many financial solutions suggested by Paula Frost, a freelance writer with a passion for finances and money saving tips.

Video Statement Released from Christine Harris’s Landlord

Video Statement Released from Christine Harris’s Landlord

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for immediate release
NEWS/ January 26, 2011
Contact:  Peter Lee Miller, 603-748-9368, themillers37@tds.net

Video Statement Released from Christine Harris’s Landlord

Moultonborough, NH… The Free Ward Bird Committee has posted a video statement by Peter Curro, Christine Harris’s former landlord.  Curro, of Brentwood, NH, discusses the false accusations and “torture” that he endured in the 1990s at the hands of Ms. Harris, who later trespassed on Ward Bird’s property in 2006 and refused to leave when asked.

Ward Bird is the Moultonborough farmer imprisoned on a charge of criminal threatening. He has steadfastly maintained his innocence and will testify to that at his pardon hearing before Governor Lynch and the Executive Council on February 1.

Christine Harris did not pay rent owed to Mr. Curro, and when he tried to obtain it she tied things up in court for months with false accusations and delays.  Mr. Curro states that Ms. Harris made a similar false accusation against him of threatening her life that she made against Ward Bird.  He also describes major damage to his home by the dogs that she bred there without his permission.

Mr. Curro has provided the Free Ward Bird Committee with legal documents that illustrate Harris’s tactics, and the committee will be sharing them with the Governor and Executive Council.  In addition, the committee’s website includes statements by Ms. Harris’s former parole officer and business and realty agents who also strongly question her integrity.

“A review of Ms. Harris’s background reveals a series of legal charges and violations, questionable interactions with business agents, misstatements, and cruelty to animals,” commented Peter Miller of the Free Ward Bird Committee.  “Viewed collectively over a period of years it strongly suggests a lack of credibility.”

Ward Bird’s interaction with Ms. Harris was a strictly “he said, she said” case with no corroborating evidence.  She alleged that he waved and pointed a gun at her; he denied it. Yet despite the obvious warning flags that should have risen given Harris’s background, the former Carroll County attorney, Robin Gordon, relied on her testimony as the sole witness (other than Bird himself) to the encounter.

The Free Ward Bird Committee is composed of concerned citizens who believe that Ward Bird is innocent, should be released from prison, and fully pardoned by Governor John Lynch and the Executive Council.  Please visit www.freewardbird.org for more information.


Free Ward Bird Committee
P.O. Box 836, Moultonborough, NH 03254

Letter to Governor Lynch from Emily Bird, Ward’s oldest daughter

Letter to Governor Lynch from Emily Bird, Ward’s oldest daughter

January 26, 2011 John Martin 0

Dear Governor Lynch:

I am Emily Bird, Ward Bird’s oldest daughter. I have attempted to write this letter to you many times over the past sixty-nine days that my father has been incarcerated. I have revised and rewritten multiple drafts, trying to convey my opinion and how I have been affected throughout this experience, clearly and concisely without being disrespectful and becoming upset. I am sure that you have heard and read many different accounts and stories explaining my father’s story and his character. Some of these people contacting you know my father personally while others do not. As American citizens we are proud to be able to use our right of freedom of speech, the press and the right to appeal our government in dealing with a very near and dear to our hearts situation. This has been an amazing learning experience, not only for myself but my family and community as well. Since you have received many letters and emails informing you of this particular case, I thought it very important for you to hear is from someone who is affected in every way possible from this whole ordeal.

I am eighteen years old and a freshman studying Civil Engineering at the University of New Hampshire. Being away from home for the first time was a huge change for me and it took me a while to become accustomed to my new environment and lifestyle. I have grown up as a part of a very tight knit family. My parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandmother, and cousins have always been a big part of my life; attending all of my birthday parties, school plays, sports games, recitals, graduations, you name it. I could look back and name at least ten relatives who were present at any one of these events. Being away from home did not stop the outpouring of love and support, especially from my father. He has always been there for me, showing me and guiding me down the right paths or lending a hand when I was down or needed help. He has always been the prime example of a father figure, one that many children yearn for. He continues to give advice, love, and anything he can from within his concrete room with only two small windows. For someone, especially in his position, to be able to continue this support and love from behind a prison wall, shows his true character. My father is the most hardworking, loyal, honest, loving, caring, compassionate, and supportive man, I and many others, have ever met. I know that those words do not necessarily mean much to you and I do not have a way of proving to you his morals and ethics without you yourself meeting and getting to know him. However, I can tell you that my father believed in the justice system that so horribly failed him, and to this very day he continues to have faith in it. For someone who has been through the treacherous storms of events in these past five years and can still believe in the justice system is amazing and something that many could not do.

Not only is it difficult for my siblings and mother to come home and not find my father working on something around the house or greeting them with a hug and a kiss, I find it difficult to not have someone I can call at anytime with a question regarding school, life, relationships, and to just talk to. I can only talk to my father when he calls my phone from jail, which costs two dollars per minute and when I go to see him for one hour a week on a Saturday. Since I am eighteen, I am considered an adult, and therefore I am not allowed to go see my father with my siblings or mother. My mother takes my three younger siblings, Ian (16), Aberdeen(13), and William(10), to see my father for one hour every Tuesday night. Because I am not allowed to go with anyone else or at a different time, my mother cannot see her husband of twenty-six years, high-school sweetheart, and best friend by herself. This past thanksgiving, my dad’s forty-ninth birthday, Christmas, and new years was the first time in thirty years that they have spent those holidays apart. This past Christmas was the first one in my eighteen years that I have had to stay up late and help my mother wrap presents, put out the stockings and deal with the cookies and milk set out for Santa. My siblings and I write to Santa every year on Christmas Eve and my father “Santa” writes back so when we wake up in the morning we have a response from Santa.
This year, my mom had to pretend that she moved the letter somewhere in the morning and that she would look for it, while the rest of us distracted William, my youngest sibling, from the idea of the letter. My father was not there to fulfill the family tradition. This was something that was very unusual to all of us and although we all kept our heads held high and carried on, there was something big missing, his presence.

In school I have many projects that my father, being a home contractor and very intelligent
person, could always help with and give me hints as to where I should begin my work and why certain things wouldn’t work. I know that I am able to figure these problems out by myself, but it is amazing to have that connection with your father. I look up to him so much and I seek his help in many situations. Not having the freedom to call him and ask a question whenever I wanted or needed to set me back in many different ways. One I had to go to many other people to find an answer, two it hit me at the most random, vulnerable times, that my father was stuck in a prison, not able to be outside, where he spends most of his life, with his loved ones, friends and doing what he does best, teaching and passing on his knowledge. Imagine being accused of something, by someone who does not have any credibility as a truthful person, having faith in your local police enforcement, the county and state justice systems, and then being found guilty, of a she said case, where there was no evidence to incarcerate him on. Having this be dragged out over five years of your life, always wondering what was going to happen, when it was going to happen, how to tell your children that you are going to have to leave them, for three years! How could someone with my father’s character, belief in the system, and past where he has taken
responsibility for anything that he has done wrong and a few things that someone else close to him has done, have his life, pride and integrity snatched right up from under him. This to me is just absolutely terrible.

My father has lived in the lakes region his whole life, was a contractor for twenty-five years, and then three years ago he became a co-owner of Picnic Rock Farms LLC, previously Longridge Farm, with his second cousin. He has been a Boy Scout Leader for eleven years, a part of the Meredith Church and Center Harbor Congregational Church since my mother and him wed twenty six years ago, and a great community member. Because of the criminal threatening with a deadly weapon charge, he is now considered a felon. With this there are many setbacks and repercussions that he will have to live with for the rest of his life. He cannot own any firearms, cannot be a Boy Scout leader, cannot vote, cannot leave the country, cannot earn credit, and cannot get a job with most people because of the record. Along with these consequences of a she said case, my father has to spend three years minimum in prison, his name is being belittled in the media, he is missing very important years with his children, wife, and loved ones, the farm, which is now being run by twenty-two employee’s almost all family relatives, could go under which would mean that those twenty two people will lose their jobs, my mother won’t have an income, and since my father is in jail he doesn’t have an income. A lot of people believe that he shouldn’t have had a gun on him in the first place but that’s something that no one fully understands other than his loved ones and the people closest to him. We live on Ossipee Mountain in Moultonborough NH. Our driveway is a mile and half in the woods, my father has/had all the required permits to carry a gun wherever he wanted, he was always practicing safe gun handling, emptying the magazine, clearing the chamber and turning on the safety before he entered any residential place. That is the only reason Ms. Harris saw my father’s gun that day in March of 2006. He was returning into our home to call the police to report Ms. Harris as a trespasser because she refused to leave. It was then that she returned to her car and left. My father’s call to the police station came in before Ms. Harris showed up accusing my father of chasing her down the road waving his gun at her. After all, this would have been physically impossible for him based on his medical condition at the time. He had returned from Maine Medical nine days earlier and was on doctor’s orders to not lift anything more than fifteen pounds in weight, to take it easy, and that it would be very difficult for him to walk around never mind “jump off the porch and chase” Ms. Harris.

Our case is very unique, and I understand that in a political point of view, for you to make your decision you will need to do your homework and have something to back up any decision that you make. This is a professional way to approach anything and I respect you for doing what you can. However, this being such a unique case calls for unique decisions. If you were to give my father a full pardon, which we have applied for, you would no doubt make many people happy. But, this is not only about making people happy. This is about doing the right thing, and justifying what has happened and what could happen to anyone at anytime. We are trying to get the point across that this case is setting the precedent that any person could trespass on your land, refuse to leave, and then accuse you of something that you did not do, and then get you thrown in jail with a felony charge. One single person now, based on the outcome of my father’s case, could hold the key to who ends up in jail and why. This is not how America is suppose to work, and yes, I understand that there are flaws and that we do not have the perfect justice system, however, we do have the ability to fix some of the flaws that we are faced with today, including the flaws that failed my father and his family.

Thank you for your time and energy of reading this letter. I hope that I conveyed to you clearly how this affects me and my family. I hope that you will grant my father a full pardon and that he will be home soon without the consequences of being a felon.


Emily H. Bird

Ward’s Oldest Daughter
P.O. Box 1055
Center Harbor, NH

Facts and Clarifications in Regard to the Ward Bird Pardon Petition File

Facts and Clarifications in Regard to the Ward Bird Pardon Petition File

January 18, 2011 John Martin 0

Facts and Clarifications

In Regard to the Ward Bird Pardon Petition File Prepared by the NH Attorney General’s Office, January 13, 2011

Ward Bird Pardon Petition File

1. Carroll County Attorney Robin Gordon December 21, 2010 letter to Lucy Carrillo, Assistant Attorney General (p 274).

Attorney Gordon states in her letter “Additionally, Mr. Bird was the subject of a restraining order in 2006.” Attorney Gordon makes this statement in error. The facts are:

A.   In 2005, Ward Bird was in an unfortunate situation where he had to take a restraining order out against two people for stalking and intimidating Ward Bird and his family. The judge granted the order.

B.   In a Moultonborough Police Department report from 2006 (p 356), T. Davis Viano (one of the people in the above referenced restraining order) is described as advising Officer Jody Eichhorn that she had obtained a stalking order against Ward Bird. However, Ms. Viano gave false information. The judge did not grant her request.

2. Moultonborough Police Department report for a Tuesday March 29, 2006 narrative by Chief Scott Kinmond (p 295)

Ed Marudzinski Broker Associate at Maxfield Real Estate is described as saying that Christine Harris is a business woman with the financial means (cash assets) to buy the property. Marudzinski is also described as conveying his belief that Ward Bird has ruined the potential sale to Christine Harris and severely jeopardized any possibility of selling the property in the future. The facts are:

A.   Christine Harris did not have the financial means (cash assets) to purchase the property.

B.   The property did sell after they lowered the listing price by almost one-half a million dollars. Ed Marudzinski made a substantial commission on the sale of that property.

3. Moultonborough Police Reports collectively imply that Ward and Virginia Bird were acting to prevent the sale of the adjoining property (pp 281 – 360).  The facts are:

A.   The Birds were eager for the adjacent property to sell and for the day the land might be under good stewardship again. The neighbors were engaged in behavior that the Bird family thought was a potential negative influence on their children and had broken off all contact with them in the interests of their family.

B.   In a Statement made by Ed Marudzniski on April 18 2008 to the Moultonborough Police Department (pp 309 -311), Mr. Marudzinski states that he has never met Ward Bird before seeing him in the courtroom on March 25 2008. He then continues his statement made with a voice of authority on the Birds. The statement is in fact filled with hearsay from the seller’s perspective. As an example, he claims that the Birds initiated legal harassment against the seller by forcing her to move her gate ‘for the sole purpose of harassment’ when in fact the Birds were only attempting to make known the legal boundary lines of their property since this other parcel was for sale.

C.   Ward Bird had valid reasons for contacting Maxfield Real Estate, the office listing the property. There were multiple errors on the listing sheet that he wanted to correct. The listing sheet incorrectly stated that there was power, a septic system and a granite quarry on the property, that the property was subdividable and that there was a right of way. In addition, Ward Bird invited the realtors to walk the boundary lines as he wanted them to be clear where the boundaries were.

4. There is no evidence in the pardon petition file that the police fully researched Christine Harris’s background before submitting their reports to the County Attorney’s Office. This was a “she said, he said” case with no corroborating evidence; just one person’s word against another’s. Some additional information is provided here:

A.   The Free Ward Bird Committee has received correspondence from and read editorials by other business and real estate agents who had also had business dealings with Christine Harris.

> Gordon Blais, a realtor who served as an associate broker with Ed Marudzinski in 2006, stated in a December 1, 2010 letter to the editor to the Laconia Citizen:

“A few weeks before the incident on Mr. Bird’s property I met this woman [Christine Harris] as part of a potential business deal and tried to work with her to meet the goals she was trying to attain. I can tell you for a fact that I quickly found out she was delusional, who was not thinking or acting in any way rational. She became angry and made accusations that were unfounded and absurd and I quickly broke off all dealings with her.”

> Leon Parker, Principal Broker/Owner and President of New Hampshire Business Sales, wrote to our committee:

“I don’t know Ward Bird personally, but have had personal experience with the liar and weird woman who brought charges against him. Several years ago she attacked me in several Email responses to our attempts to find out who she was before sharing information about client listings with her. She alleged that she was buying millions of dollars worth of property, accused me of not representing clients effectively, and made a variety of other accusations about our business practices, and threatened my real estate license. I did a little investigation of her circumstances and stopped responding to her Emails, and we ended up telling all our Associates not to respond to her.”

B.   The Free Ward Bird Committee has received correspondence from Tom Tewhey, a retired Probation and Parole Officer who supervised Christine Harris in two probation periods, one out of Rockingham Superior Court and the second out of Salem District Court. She is a convicted felon and according to Mr. Tewey, wouldn’t know the truth “if it ran her over in a truck”.

C.   The Free Ward Bird Committee has received correspondence from Christine Harris’ former landlord, Peter Curro of Brentwood, N.H. His entire home was “destroyed” by dogs that had been kept in abusive conditions; she never paid rent and had to be evicted. He was never able to recover the back rent or damages made to his home. During the eviction process she falsely accused Mr. Curro of threatening her life, as she did with Ward Bird.

D.   The Free Ward Bird Committee believes that Christine Harris is an individual who may be suffering and in need of help. She has been convicted of animal cruelty in the State of New Hampshire. A copy of the court report is available in PDF format.

She has operated under multiple aliases per court documents. In a February 17, 2008 article by the Eagle Tribune about animal hoarding, the details of Christine Harris’ conviction for animal cruelty are described.

On this site http://vet.tufts.edu/hoarding/ you can read the following:

“Animal hoarder’s impaired judgment and actions, or failures to act, may arise from a variety of factors. These include difficulties understanding relevant information about animals’ needs, inaccurate appreciation of a situation and its consequences, being unable to reason about treatment options and alternative courses of action, faulty self-governance, psychological defences and behaviours in response to stress, as well as magical thinking, lack of insight, and other cognitive distortions.”

Message from a former landlord of Christine Harris

Message from a former landlord of Christine Harris

January 14, 2011 John Martin 0

Hi everyone,

I wish I heard about this case earlier. They have the WRONG person in Jail. I rented a house to the same Christine Harris! She never paid rent, and when I took her to court, she made similar claims that I threatened her life over the phone, but she couldn’t come up with any phone records. Then she worked the court system for FIVE months! When the judge finally made a decision for her to leave, she filed a motion with the State Supreme court for intent to appeal, which was rejected.

My entire home was DESTROYED from Rottweilers she was breeding. The floors, walls were covered in animal feces and urine, and the bathtub had blood stains all over it from a dog that died there giving birth to a litter! I never recovered the damages to the property, nor the back rent. To make matters worse, I later see her name Christine Harris, a woman… “previously convicted and sentenced to six months in prison on animal cruelty charges in Salem District Court”!

CHRISTINE HARRIS should be in Jail!

I did contact the Governor’s office yesterday after hearing it on NPR. I gave them my information and contact number. Then this morning I contacted the Attorney General’s office with the same information.

I’m sorry I didn’t know about this earlier.  (submitted by PeterC, curromastini@gmail.com)…