The Free Ward Bird Committee thanks donors for their generosity. We are a non-profit organisation (Tax ID 38-3826640) whose mission is to free Ward Bird from his unjust incarceration, assist with his pardon application and process, assist with getting his record expunged, and changing New Hampshire law to ensure that what happened to Ward never happens to anyone else.

Here’s how the funds are being used and accounted for.

  1. Undesignated donations are deposited to a checking account at a local savings bank under the name FreeWardBird. These funds are used to continue publicity efforts, such as purchase of yard signs, stickers, bracelets, etc. Additional needs in this area will be met with these funds as they are identified. Any surplus funds in this category will be assigned as the committee sees fit to the greatest area of need.
  2. Legal – Funds designated as donations for legal assistance will be used for past and current legal costs, to support the costs of the Administrative Home Confinement WHEN Ward is granted that, and to assist with any other filing fees related to legal proceedings.
  3. Family Assistance – Funds designated or raised specifically for family assistance will be used at the Bird family’s discretion, and will also be used to keep funds on Ward’s canteen account (for purchases in the prison) and phone accounts while remains incarcerated.

All funds will be classified as undesignated unless otherwise specified, as this allows the greatest flexibility.

Again, we thank you for your generosity – no amount is too small. Every bit goes to help Ward and his family in one way or another.

You can either send your donations to the address below or contribute electronically via PayPal.

Universal Review, and Gunsafehouse are our big donator. Thanks to you guys.
PO Box 836
Moultonborough, NH 03254

We would also appreciate your support of our supporters. Many businesses in the community support Ward either through signs, or by sales of pins and T-shirts.

Some of the local supporting businesses include:

  • Yikes! Gallery in Center Harbor
  • Bayswater Books
  • Red Hill Irving in Center Harbor
  • Center Harbor Diner
  • Sam & Rosie’s Restaurant
  • Chickadee Station
  • Murphy’s Irving
  • Gator Signs in Gilford
  • did our T-shirts