Facts and Clarifications in Regard to the Ward Bird Pardon Petition File

Facts and Clarifications in Regard to the Ward Bird Pardon Petition File

Facts and Clarifications

In Regard to the Ward Bird Pardon Petition File Prepared by the NH Attorney General’s Office, January 13, 2011

Ward Bird Pardon Petition File

1. Carroll County Attorney Robin Gordon December 21, 2010 letter to Lucy Carrillo, Assistant Attorney General (p 274).

Attorney Gordon states in her letter “Additionally, Mr. Bird was the subject of a restraining order in 2006.” Attorney Gordon makes this statement in error. The facts are:

A.   In 2005, Ward Bird was in an unfortunate situation where he had to take a restraining order out against two people for stalking and intimidating Ward Bird and his family. The judge granted the order.

B.   In a Moultonborough Police Department report from 2006 (p 356), T. Davis Viano (one of the people in the above referenced restraining order) is described as advising Officer Jody Eichhorn that she had obtained a stalking order against Ward Bird. However, Ms. Viano gave false information. The judge did not grant her request.

2. Moultonborough Police Department report for a Tuesday March 29, 2006 narrative by Chief Scott Kinmond (p 295)

Ed Marudzinski Broker Associate at Maxfield Real Estate is described as saying that Christine Harris is a business woman with the financial means (cash assets) to buy the property. Marudzinski is also described as conveying his belief that Ward Bird has ruined the potential sale to Christine Harris and severely jeopardized any possibility of selling the property in the future. The facts are:

A.   Christine Harris did not have the financial means (cash assets) to purchase the property.

B.   The property did sell after they lowered the listing price by almost one-half a million dollars. Ed Marudzinski made a substantial commission on the sale of that property.

3. Moultonborough Police Reports collectively imply that Ward and Virginia Bird were acting to prevent the sale of the adjoining property (pp 281 – 360).  The facts are:

A.   The Birds were eager for the adjacent property to sell and for the day the land might be under good stewardship again. The neighbors were engaged in behavior that the Bird family thought was a potential negative influence on their children and had broken off all contact with them in the interests of their family.

B.   In a Statement made by Ed Marudzniski on April 18 2008 to the Moultonborough Police Department (pp 309 -311), Mr. Marudzinski states that he has never met Ward Bird before seeing him in the courtroom on March 25 2008. He then continues his statement made with a voice of authority on the Birds. The statement is in fact filled with hearsay from the seller’s perspective. As an example, he claims that the Birds initiated legal harassment against the seller by forcing her to move her gate ‘for the sole purpose of harassment’ when in fact the Birds were only attempting to make known the legal boundary lines of their property since this other parcel was for sale.

C.   Ward Bird had valid reasons for contacting Maxfield Real Estate, the office listing the property. There were multiple errors on the listing sheet that he wanted to correct. The listing sheet incorrectly stated that there was power, a septic system and a granite quarry on the property, that the property was subdividable and that there was a right of way. In addition, Ward Bird invited the realtors to walk the boundary lines as he wanted them to be clear where the boundaries were.

4. There is no evidence in the pardon petition file that the police fully researched Christine Harris’s background before submitting their reports to the County Attorney’s Office. This was a “she said, he said” case with no corroborating evidence; just one person’s word against another’s. Some additional information is provided here:

A.   The Free Ward Bird Committee has received correspondence from and read editorials by other business and real estate agents who had also had business dealings with Christine Harris.

> Gordon Blais, a realtor who served as an associate broker with Ed Marudzinski in 2006, stated in a December 1, 2010 letter to the editor to the Laconia Citizen:

“A few weeks before the incident on Mr. Bird’s property I met this woman [Christine Harris] as part of a potential business deal and tried to work with her to meet the goals she was trying to attain. I can tell you for a fact that I quickly found out she was delusional, who was not thinking or acting in any way rational. She became angry and made accusations that were unfounded and absurd and I quickly broke off all dealings with her.”

> Leon Parker, Principal Broker/Owner and President of New Hampshire Business Sales, wrote to our committee:

“I don’t know Ward Bird personally, but have had personal experience with the liar and weird woman who brought charges against him. Several years ago she attacked me in several Email responses to our attempts to find out who she was before sharing information about client listings with her. She alleged that she was buying millions of dollars worth of property, accused me of not representing clients effectively, and made a variety of other accusations about our business practices, and threatened my real estate license. I did a little investigation of her circumstances and stopped responding to her Emails, and we ended up telling all our Associates not to respond to her.”

B.   The Free Ward Bird Committee has received correspondence from Tom Tewhey, a retired Probation and Parole Officer who supervised Christine Harris in two probation periods, one out of Rockingham Superior Court and the second out of Salem District Court. She is a convicted felon and according to Mr. Tewey, wouldn’t know the truth “if it ran her over in a truck”.

C.   The Free Ward Bird Committee has received correspondence from Christine Harris’ former landlord, Peter Curro of Brentwood, N.H. His entire home was “destroyed” by dogs that had been kept in abusive conditions; she never paid rent and had to be evicted. He was never able to recover the back rent or damages made to his home. During the eviction process she falsely accused Mr. Curro of threatening her life, as she did with Ward Bird.

D.   The Free Ward Bird Committee believes that Christine Harris is an individual who may be suffering and in need of help. She has been convicted of animal cruelty in the State of New Hampshire. A copy of the court report is available in PDF format.

She has operated under multiple aliases per court documents. In a February 17, 2008 article by the Eagle Tribune about animal hoarding, the details of Christine Harris’ conviction for animal cruelty are described.

On this site http://vet.tufts.edu/hoarding/ you can read the following:

“Animal hoarder’s impaired judgment and actions, or failures to act, may arise from a variety of factors. These include difficulties understanding relevant information about animals’ needs, inaccurate appreciation of a situation and its consequences, being unable to reason about treatment options and alternative courses of action, faulty self-governance, psychological defences and behaviours in response to stress, as well as magical thinking, lack of insight, and other cognitive distortions.”

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