Freed Ward Bird Celebration

Dear Friends,

Ward Bird, his family and the Free Ward Bird Committee would like to thank you for your generous support in the effort to free Ward Bird and return him to his family. We would like to take this opportunity, now that spring weather is here, to thank you all in person at an open-house celebration to be held Saturday, April 9th at the Waukewan Golf Club in Center Harbor starting at 4pm. There will be live music from the Ossipee Mountain Boys and others, so bring your dancing shoes if you like. Please feel free to bring your families and share this invitation with your employees who helped out. Since we won’t know how many people might show, we invite you to bring a food item to share and there will be a full cash bar available on the premises.

​As you might imagine, paying back our thanks to everyone who helped out in this task – to the level our hearts would desire – would be monumental, if not impossible, to accomplish. So we would like to consider paying our thanks forward. Collections will be taken up at the gathering for both the New Hampshire Humane Society and local food pantries. There will also be an option of a collection to help a local high school student allay the expenses of dealing with cancer treatments. If you can spare items for either cause, please bring them along.

​The effort to free this innocent man was too much for the family and the committee to have accomplished alone. It is because people like yourself have given your support, and/or the support of your business, to this cause, we have all been able to accomplish what we did together. With your support, we all FREED WARD BIRD!

​We look forward to getting the chance to see you and celebrate Ward’s freedom. A strong sense of community was developed during this effort, and it will be wonderful to share it once again with you.


The Free Ward Bird Committee

Ward and Ginny Bird Eric Erskine John Martin
Jennifer L. Bird Dave Fullerton Meredith Bird Miller
Trink Bird Caleb Johnson Peter L. Miller
Becky Bryant Rich Kinsman Daniel E. Reidy
Diane Campbell Heather B. Letarte Jonathan Tolman
Andrew Coppinger Melissa J.B. Manville Peter Viano
Harry Disch Chris Maroun Don Walker
Emily Erskine