Video Statement Released from Christine Harris’s Landlord

Video Statement Released from Christine Harris’s Landlord

for immediate release
NEWS/ January 26, 2011
Contact:  Peter Lee Miller, 603-748-9368,

Video Statement Released from Christine Harris’s Landlord

Moultonborough, NH… The Free Ward Bird Committee has posted a video statement by Peter Curro, Christine Harris’s former landlord.  Curro, of Brentwood, NH, discusses the false accusations and “torture” that he endured in the 1990s at the hands of Ms. Harris, who later trespassed on Ward Bird’s property in 2006 and refused to leave when asked.

Ward Bird is the Moultonborough farmer imprisoned on a charge of criminal threatening. He has steadfastly maintained his innocence and will testify to that at his pardon hearing before Governor Lynch and the Executive Council on February 1.

Christine Harris did not pay rent owed to Mr. Curro, and when he tried to obtain it she tied things up in court for months with false accusations and delays.  Mr. Curro states that Ms. Harris made a similar false accusation against him of threatening her life that she made against Ward Bird.  He also describes major damage to his home by the dogs that she bred there without his permission.

Mr. Curro has provided the Free Ward Bird Committee with legal documents that illustrate Harris’s tactics, and the committee will be sharing them with the Governor and Executive Council.  In addition, the committee’s website includes statements by Ms. Harris’s former parole officer and business and realty agents who also strongly question her integrity.

“A review of Ms. Harris’s background reveals a series of legal charges and violations, questionable interactions with business agents, misstatements, and cruelty to animals,” commented Peter Miller of the Free Ward Bird Committee.  “Viewed collectively over a period of years it strongly suggests a lack of credibility.”

Ward Bird’s interaction with Ms. Harris was a strictly “he said, she said” case with no corroborating evidence.  She alleged that he waved and pointed a gun at her; he denied it. Yet despite the obvious warning flags that should have risen given Harris’s background, the former Carroll County attorney, Robin Gordon, relied on her testimony as the sole witness (other than Bird himself) to the encounter.

The Free Ward Bird Committee is composed of concerned citizens who believe that Ward Bird is innocent, should be released from prison, and fully pardoned by Governor John Lynch and the Executive Council.  Please visit for more information.


Free Ward Bird Committee
P.O. Box 836, Moultonborough, NH 03254

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